• Lesson Plan Presentation

    Lesson Plan Presentation

    Rubric for assessing a lesson plan presented via PowerPoint…
  • Website Evaluation

    Website Evaluation

    Rubrics to assess the design of a basic website…
  • General Chemistry

    General Chemistry

    Rubrics for authentic assessment in the sciences…
  • Culinary Arts

    Culinary Arts

    Rubrics for observational assessment…

Rubrics for Feedback and Assessment

The web's best collection of rubrics, edited for consistency and value.

The Rubric Library

This community resource is brought to you by Waypoint Outcomes, developers of web-based software that helps educators create exceptional feedback for learners by using rich, interactive rubrics. We are constructing this library to showcase the content we have created over the last five years, and to help educators find consistently good rubrics that they can edit to suit their own needs. Stay tuned as we build out content over the next few months, and don't hesitate to comment on our posts.